Point-to-Point, High-Speed,

Ethernet to E3/T3/DS3 Converter

6/9-Slot Chassis
"...the best thing I have ever seen happen to a T3"
"...the best thing I have ever -- MTV/Viacom NOC

Typical Network Topology

Typical Topology
Achieve high link utilization.


  • Used in pairs. (Click here for single-ended connection to ISP DS3)
  • Optical SFP, GigE and Jumbo-frame LAN connections available.
  • In stock - quick shipping - online prices/ordering.
  • Far cheaper than typical routers.
  • Zero-configuration installation.
  • Upgrade to dual DS3/E3 via firmware when ready.
  • Comprehensive, user-friendly-HTTP and SNMP management.
  • Rack-mount chassis available from single-card through 20-cards.
  • High-utilization dual-channel link aggregation for ordered delivery of packets.
  • Rx-to-Tx 100% packet tracking/auditing stats.
  • Fanless or dual-power reliability.
  • 400kByte buffering.
  • Enhanced frame-lock algorithms for high bit-error-rate environments.
  • Link failover protection.

Product Summary:

The E3Switch Ethernet to single or dual DS3/E3 switches provide a, typically, zero-configuration method for enabling 100BASETX Ethernet data (or higher) to pass, transparently, over T3 and E3 circuits at up to 87 Mbits/sec true user data rate (dual-DS3). There's no need to worry about VLAN/VoIP issues or packet sizes; the converter makes the T3/E3 circuit appear as a direct, transparent Ethernet end-to-end connection. Dual channel units offer link-aggregation for ordered delivery of packets and automatically determine shortest path for transmission.

E3Switch converters provide several important features that customers will appreciate and which aren't found in competing products. Rigorous attention to design protocols allows users to measure true end-to-end data speed improvements of 2-20% the performance of competing network extenders that rely on HDLC overhead.

Fanless operation and low part-count design allows use with greater reliability and in harsher environments. NEBS Level 3 multicard, redundant-power chassis are available.

Performance upgrade paths exist in all single-channel units, which ship with the capability for the second T3/E3 channel to be activated by password when more bandwidth is required. This is also one of the few products offering a seamless upgrade to jumbo packets and optical SFP as user's GbE technology matures.

Management functions include both comprehensive SNMP statistics with link up/down and DS3 FEAC notifications as well as one-click HTTP, user-friendly, color-coded monitoring of link operational status and bit-error rate. Unique packet auditing display allows individual tracking of every packet from ingress to disposition/egress -- never lose another packet.

Robust frame-lock algorithms maintain link stability and high-BER tolerance on noisy paths such as multi-hop microwave. Link failover protection ensures uninterrupted service if one of the two DS3/E3 paths goes down.


Detailed Capabilities:

  • VAC or VDC -- 100-240 VAC or +/- 35-75 VDC.
  • Rackmount chassis/brackets or tabletop/shelf.
  • Multi-card / redundant-power chassis available.
  • VoIP ready with dedicated queues.
  • Ultra-low latency packet forwarding.
  • All VLAN and q-in-q tags passed transparently.
  • Management VLAN setting.
  • No packet size issues (1600+ bytes accepted).
  • GbE jumbo frames (9700 bytes) via firmware download.
Date Rate:
  • Bit-rate: 44.736 Mbit/s DS3 -- 34.368 Mbit/s E3.
  • User data-rate: True IP user-data rates will be 2%-20% faster than HDLC-based extenders.
Noise Tolerance:
  • Robust frame locking algorithms maintain connectivity on noisy links such as multi-hop, high-BER microwave paths.
  • Inband from both LAN and DS3/E3 ports with VLAN isolation options.
  • Out-of-band with SFP option.
  • SNMP v2c with VACM to limit access to sensitive areas.
  • Supported notifications include: link up/down, ds3/e3 line status change, authorization violation, coldstart.
  • Full MIB support including ds3, mau, dot3, ifMIB...
  • HTTP web status with large BER, LAN/DS3 error codes and packet-auditing statistics.
  • 100BASE-TX standard. GbE, jumbo, and SFP 1000BASE-X or copper available via firmware upgrade.
  • 400kByte buffering.
  • Link aggregation of dual-channel units guarantees packets are delivered in order.
  • Dual channel units automatically determine shortest transmission path.
  • Compatible with C-bit/M13/M23/G.751-framed and unframed links.
  • DS3: Generates a C-bit, unchannelized, B3ZS, AMI signal -- 300 meters max.
  • E3: Generates a G.751, unchannelized, HDB3, AMI signal -- 480 meters max.
  • Purchase as single or dual DS3/E3 channel. Upgrade to dual with password unlock when ready.
  • Free FedEx Priority shipping.
  • One-year warranty.
  • RoHS Compliant.
  • Firmware upgrades for life.
  • Tech-savvy staff available on weekends and after hours.
Simply plug in a LAN and a T3/E3 and you're up and running.

Typical Network Topology

Typical Topology
Achieve high link utilization.

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