PPPoE LAN to WAN, High-Speed,

Ethernet to E3/T3/DS3 Converter

6/9-Slot Chassis
"...the best thing I have ever seen happen to a T3"
"...the best thing I have ever -- MTV/Viacom NOC

Typical Network Topology

Typical PPPoE Topology
Eliminate the challenges of WAN card configuration and expense.


  • Ethernet connectivity to a leased DS3/E3 PPP line.
  • An alternative to a DS3-capable router and DS3-network interface card.
  • In stock - quick shipping - online prices/ordering.
  • Cheaper than typical DS3 capable routers.
  • Simple, GUI configuration.
  • Saves router bandwidth.
  • Comprehensive, user-friendly-HTTP and SNMP management.
  • Rack-mount chassis available from single-card through 20-cards.
  • GbE GigE/Jumbo-frame and SFP-optical port LAN flexibility.
  • Rx-to-Tx 100% packet tracking/auditing stats.
  • Fanless or dual-power reliability.
  • Enhanced WAN frame-lock algorithms for higher bit-error-rate environments.

Product Summary:

Providing Ethernet connectivity to a leased ISP DS3/E3 PPP circuit, the E3Switch PPPoE LAN to WAN switch provides a simple, inexpensive alternative to a DS3-capable router and DS3-network interface card.

Fanless operation and low part-count design allows use with greater reliability and in harsher environments. NEBS Level 3 multicard, redundant-power chassis are available.

Jumbo packets and optical SFP port allows flexibility.

Management functions include both comprehensive SNMP statistics with link up/down and DS3 FEAC notifications as well as one-click HTTP, user-friendly, color-coded monitoring of link operational status and bit-error rate. Unique packet auditing display allows individual tracking of every packet from ingress to disposition/egress -- never lose another packet.

Robust, WAN frame-lock algorithms maintain link stability and high-BER tolerance on noisy paths such as multi-hop microwave.


  • All data connections must be from/through a local router or workstation. The local router or workstation's LAN port accesses the E3Switch unit via a PPP over Ethernet PPPoE connection.
  • The WAN ISP connection must be PPP - both full and sub-rate DS3 is supported.

Detailed Capabilities:

  • AC or DC -- 100-240 VAC or +/- 35-75 VDC.
  • Rackmount, multi-card or tabletop chassis available.
  • Redundant-power chassis available.
  • PPP encryption and authentication protocols passed transparently from local LAN to ISP
  • VoIP ready with dedicated QOS queues.
  • Ultra-low latency packet forwarding.
  • GbE jumbo frames supported to 9700 bytes.
Date Rate:
  • Bit-rate: 44.736 Mbit/s DS3 -- 34.368 Mbit/s E3.
  • User data-rate: True IP user-data rates will be 2%-20% faster than HDLC-based extenders.
Noise Tolerance:
  • Robust frame locking algorithms maintain connectivity on noisy links such as multi-hop, high-BER microwave paths.
  • Inband or out-of-band from either LAN/SFP port.
  • SNMP v2c with VACM to limit access to sensitive areas.
  • Supported notifications include: link up/down, ds3/e3 line status change, authorization violation, coldstart.
  • Full MIB support including ds3, mau, dot3, ifMIB...
  • HTTP web status with large BER, LAN/DS3 error codes and packet-auditing statistics.
  • 100/1000BASE-TX, GbE, jumbo-frames, and SFP 1000BASE-X etc via user's optical transceivers.
  • 400kByte buffering.
  • Compatible with C-bit/M13/M23/G.751-framed and unframed links.
  • Full or sub-rate DS3 supported.
  • DS3: Generates a C-bit, unchannelized, B3ZS, AMI signal -- 300 meters max.
  • E3: Generates a G.751, unchannelized, HDB3, AMI signal -- 480 meters max.
  • Free FedEx Priority shipping.
  • One-year warranty.
  • RoHS Compliant.
  • Firmware upgrades for life.
Simply plug in a LAN and a T3/E3, check CRC and scrambling options and you're up and running.

Typical Network Topology

Typical PPPoE Topology
Eliminate the challenges of WAN card configuration and expense.

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