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Ethernet to E3/T3/DS3 Converter

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We offer a limited warranty against manufacturing defects for a period of one year during which we will replace or repair your unit free of charge.

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While we endeavor to provide a highly reliable product, 100BaseTX to E3/T3/DS3 switches are inappropriate for use where failure could result in loss of  life, property, or income.  Such use constitutes misuse for which we decline to be held liable.  With that in mind, we hope our units provide you with many years of quality service.

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We provide free shipping via air freight to anywhere in the world.  Customer is responsible for all taxes and customs fees.  Availability does not reflect orders placed within the last 24 hours.  We endeavor to ship all in-stock items within 24-hrs of receipt of funds by our bank, and if we cannot, we give you the option of canceling your order.  Orders are not considered accepted until shipped.

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